By Mehow
"The Most Wanted Man in Seduction”

As surely as I know my own name, I know that...

Any code can be cracked...

Any computer hacked...

Any Porsche can be jacked…

And any beautiful woman can be SACKED - pulled right out from the bar, club or lounge and into your bed.

That’s true in the bar…

It’s true in the club.

It’s true in the quiet laid-back lounge, the noisy college pub, and any other place where girls go out to “hang”.

And, it’s certainly true wherever you are going out these days. You could be pulling 1,2 or even 3 girls a week even if you’re not getting any right now. And just to clarify…  so, that we’re both on the same page here - when I say pull, I mean “hot girl wakes up in bed next to you” - not grabbing a rinky-dink phone numbers that do nothing but take up space in your phone.

Just keep reading and I’ll prove it to you without cost or risk in this special report.

Who am I to make such a promise?

Allow Me to Share My Credentials- as Well as
My Best Secrets for Skyrocketing Your Game.

My name is Mehow and I am one of the most respected dating gurus in the world.

One of the many things that I specialize in is bar, club and lounge game, I have traveled the world luring beautiful women for the last 5 years, perfecting my science, so I can pass my knowledge it on to guys like you. I have proprietary seduction methodology based on the secrets I discovered after approaching over 5,000 women.

I am known as the “mad attraction scientist” because I have taken the art of pickup and turned it into a science; uncovering naturally occurring patterns that occur during male/female interactions and building sequences based upon them, which any man can use to get beautiful women into bed, no matter their age, income or looks.

My “caught on tape” seductions were leaked onto the Internet in 2007 and have gained over 1,000,000 views, earning me a critical acclaim and a reputation a master of attraction who doesn’t just talk the talk...but walks the walk. I have also won multiple awards for these methods.

Mehow is one of the world’s most respected “Pickup Artists”

Specializing in bar, club and lounge game for the past 5 years, Mehow traveled the world luring beautiful women into his bed. After apprenticing under various pickup legends, Mehow developed his own proprietary seduction methodology based on the secrets he discovered after approaching over 5,000 women.

In the inner circles of the seduction community, Mehow is known at the “mad attraction scientist” because he has taken the art of pickup and turned it into a science; uncovering naturally occurring patterns that occur during male/female interactions, and building sequences based upon them. Which any man can use to get beautiful women into bed, no matter their age, income or looks.

His “caught on tape” seductions were leaked onto the internet in 2007 and have garnered over 1,000,000 views, earning him critical acclaim and a reputation as “master of attraction” who doesn’t just talk the talk…but walks the walk.

Revolutionizing the way men all across the world approach the game, the Get The Girl method is a step-by-step processes that any man can follow to get the women he wants into bed. Bypassing the ineffective seduction models of years past, The Get The Girl method is based on the most cutting edge findings in the field of seduction from Mehow and his team of private instructors and is guaranteed to get any man the type of success with women he so desires.

In a word, Yes! The Get The Girl method has changed the lives of thousands of men worldwide and it will work for you, too. Guys of all races, ages, ethnicities and skill levels have benefited from the extraordinary findings of this “mad attraction scientist”, as his step-by-step systems makes it so that anyone with the desire to learn, can now achieve the power and choice they want with women. Mehow, himself didn’t get into “the game” until he was 34 and bald. And he regularly jokes that he is so ugly, girls call him the human fetus. If there was any doubt that this would work for you, it is understandable.

So, if you’d like a look at just some of the hundreds of success stories located on this column as you read through the page, or if you are ready to take action and live the life of a modern day playboy you can…

"After just 48 hours after reading GTG for the first time... I was at a party, and there was a hot babe (rating 9 on a scale of 10)... Long story short, in 15 minutes had mad kino, IOI's... next thing I know she begins to feed me, rubbing shoulder massage at my request, then we end up making out heavy on a couch for 20min... The rest of story... well use your imagination. Thanks Mehow!!!"

~ Jmarch, NYC


"Mehow, Your book is FANTASTIC! I was at a Car wash yesterday and I was sitting there thinking about all the stuff from what I read in your book and the stuff I learned from Hypnotica CD's.

I was trying to practice just being Chill and Kool then a 9.5HB sits down next to me and starts to pet my dog and talking to me. At first I could not believe she was really interested in me then she gave me her number. This stuff really works... Thanks!"

~ GG, Orange County, CA


"Hi Mehow! I just LOVE your book, it fits more with my personality than every other system out there. Thank you, really."

~ Jasons, Southern France


"I have already read through the book now a couple times... Really solid, exciting and inspirational. As well as brilliant, and beautiful! I have already had a million breakthroughs and revelations!!! Thank you so much for this book, I love it!"

~ Ember, West Coast


"Get this, you can either go to clubs and bars and spend money to buy a few drinks for yourself to get over your anxiety of approach and then spend more money to buy drinks for girls to try to get their attention OR spend less money and buy Mehow's Get the Girl and learn great tips and fun routines which really make you successful with girls and you can use the great ideas in the book to just become more social!!!

You get the book which is totally amazing plus get access to the forum to learn about other people's experience and ask your questions from the pros in the field!!! You also get access to the videos which in my opinion are really great tools for learning by just watching PUAs in action!!! These will be more helpful than just hitting the bars and clubs without knowing what to do and spending money on drinks....

I started reading the book two days ago and even though I have a lot of other stuff to do I just can't stop reading!!!

Thank you Mehow!"

~ Siamak, Memphis, TN


"I only read it two days ago, but already my life has changed. The old saying 'Even an old dog can learn news tricks' and that's what this book did! Being in the pick up scene for two years and running on sheer luck wasn't enough, there was something I was missing.

Finally as I delved into the chapters of Mehow's book I FINALLY understood what I was doing wrong and within 2 days I started to do what was RIGHT. The book is worth it for the detailed sub communication chapter alone and I believe that Mehow's book should be given to every guy at puberty!

I corrected my mistakes and with the book as my virtual mentor on my first night of going out I had gotten 7 phone numbers and 3 beautiful women wanting to take me home! That night I became the rock star! Mehow delivers 100% content and no filler, he goes directly into the important topics and cuts the BS!

As promised in the title "get the girl" You really do get the girl and it doesn't stop there, Mehow then pushes further to give you a consistent system to getting laid from start to finish! It was so EASY I didn't really have to say huge lines! Mehow is a guy who really wants to help you be social and with "get the girl" he exactly does that.

You will know how to correctly deliver lines so powerful it will leave a woman speechless, you will learn how to easily apply kino and send her raw sexual energy crazy!

It doesn't matter if you want a relationship, marriage, threesomes or one night stands if you don't read this book then YOU ARE missing out!"

~ Adamtaste, Lincoln, United Kingdom 2006 Stylelife Challenge Champion


"... the new direction of pickup and seduction teaching. Infield events captured on film, with full detailed explanation and insight."

~ Seduction Review


"Mehow has dropped the bomb... true real life approaches and interactions with girls captured with hidden camera, and their analysis. Mehow delivers the footage, and then explains what he was actually doing, which tactics he was using, what did he make of the girl's responses, and so on. You learn the theory, and you see a real life in-field demo of it! As far as I know, this product is the first of its kind!"



"Infield Exposed arrived at my place on Friday, and I spent the lion's share of the weekend watching it. My jaw was on the floor! I'm trying to write a review, but my jaw is still on the floor. It's probably going to be there for a while, too. I can't even begin to list the things I've found valuable about this product! My brain is too fried. I don't even know what to say... This is one quality product!"

~ Continuousness


"At first I was doubtful, but that quickly changed! I think the Infield Exposed video is an excellent product, and I've been in this community for years. Infield Exposed is the best thing I've had my hands on for infield training. The detail Mehow uses in explaining each step is far greater than what I was expecting. In fact it's definitely in the top 3 products I've ever purchased on pick-up!"

~ AK

What Is The Get The Girl method?

Revolutionizing the way men all across the world approach the game, the Get The Girl method is a set of step-by-step processes that any man can follow to get the women he wants into bed. Bypassing the ineffective seduction models of years past, The Get The Girl method is based on the most cutting edge findings in the field of seduction from myself and my team of private instructors and is guaranteed to get any man the type of success with any women he so desires.

Come, share my obsession...

To some, it would seem a sadly unbalanced life - to devote 4 nights a week, for 5 years and counting, to discovering the secrets to make women do whatever you want.

It is regrettably true that, as a guy living in the 21st century, I don’t know much about football or how to fix a car. Even though, I’m skinny as a beanstalk I haven’t been to the gym in 3 years and never in my life have I scored the winning basket in a game of hoops.

I leave all of that trivial stuff for my friends to enjoy, so I can focus on what I truly love, such as studying video footage of the greatest natural ‘players’ in the world in order to reverse engineer their tactics or hunting down the latest techniques from the psychology of persuasion, then scheming with my coaches to increase the closing rate of our game in the field.

A Male Model? Forget it. I’ll readily admit that 99% of the guys in any room are better looking than me. As painful as it is to admit, I’ve had girls tell me I look like a fetus, to my face! Ask me to take my hat off, and I’ll show you a head of hair that most 80 year old grandpas wouldn’t trade for.

But, put me in any night time environment and ask me to approach the most stunning vixen in plain sight and I could quickly have her eating out of the palm of my hand…and within a couple of hours…eating something else.

While I certainly enjoy the notoriety that comes with being a world-renown pickup artist, the truth is, it’s not really me that is getting the girls, but the creative techniques and tactics I’ve developed for triggering immediate attraction.

That’s what drives the girls nuts, and what is responsible for the amazing consistency of results I’m always able to get when I’m out at night.

Like a master chess player with hundreds of lethally effective gambits ready to be deployed at any moment, or an elite salesperson with dozens of proven, remarkably effective closing strategies at the tip of his tongue. I’ve got scores of masterful tactics in my arsenal I can use to maneuver my way around her initial defenses, drop her bitch shield, kindle flames of attraction, and lead her every step towards the bedroom. 

For example, In Get The Girl, I’ll show you the proven opening lines, attraction generators, routine stacks, comfort sequences, story formats, situational handlers, and closing tactics that are working for me and my team every night to bring gorgeous women to their knees.

These proven, powerful methods of seduction have not only worked for myself and my private team of coaches with astonishing consistency, but are transforming the guys we have taught into modern day playboys.   

But Before I Do, You Must Swear
Never to Share this Information. . .

You must agree never to share it with anyone, (more on that in just a moment) then I guarantee you an effortless transformation that you will look back on as the single greatest turning point in your life, when your understanding of women, attraction and seduction comes together like never before...when you see a new universe of opportunity with women where your wildest desires and fantasies are made real...when your ability to convert your "seduction know-how" into actually getting the girls you lust after...when you know deep down in your heart that you will never be lonely again that your endless supply of willing women is secure because of the life-changing information you have just acquired.

So, settle back for a few minutes and read my rather thorough explanation of what is so different about what I teach... and the difference it will make in your own success.

Total Control of All Your Interactions

Never before revealed, until I penned this book, to anyone except my inner circle of coaches, this Mehow Model Of Seduction™, is in my view, the most consistently successful proprietary formula ever devised for getting and keeping the hottest women imaginable…another big benefit…and gaining an overwhelming advantage against your male competition - be they rich guys, jocks, or pretty boys.

The elements of The Mehow Model of Seduction™ are like puppet strings, and once you know how to pull on each, you can make the women you want move to any melody you want to play.

Warning: This model is extremely powerful.

Also, it’s so reliable, it will let you know with almost unerring precision - how strong you game really is. If your seduction is weak in any of the key areas of the model, you will know it instantly - just by going back over your set and seeing if each required element was present or not. That’s how easy it is. This means you can now know exactly where and how any piece of your game needs to be strengthened to crank it up to maximum pulling power.

As I say, it took me a long 3 years of trial and error to piece this formula together, and then the next 3 years to refine it. But you’re going to have it in just minutes, and once you do, you’ll be a force of nature when you hit the clubs.

And I seriously hope you’re ready to start tonguing down the model types because this is ninja shit when it comes to attracting the 9’s and the 10’s…the chicks so hot, tongues drop when they walk down the street.

The “Super-Consistent” System for
Approaching and Opening Sets

When it comes to approaching a group of smoking hot girls, I don't believe in "just hoping for the best". Nobody who gets rejected over the "hope for the best" approach to opening… sticks with the game very long. It’s simply too painful.

I believe that the guys in this game, who get the best, have found ways to make opening extremely easy and extremely consistent.

And, that's what separates them from - and allows them to pull with much greater consistency - those who never find ways to effortlessly blow sets wide open and get the girls into the interaction quickly.

Do you find making “the approach” nerve-wracking? If so, you're not alone. Approaching a woman can be TERRIFYING, if you don't know the simple secrets of making it stupidly easy.

Believe me, I know. For roughly the first 2 years in the game, I got "blown out" of sets more than anyone. For me, walking up to a group of girls and getting the interaction going wasn't just hard, but agonizingly, tortuously difficult. My inability to open sets consistently made me sick to my stomach and the frustration made me so depressed…

At Times I Came Close to Tears

In fact, in my early days in the game, with the methods that were available to me, many nights you would find me pacing laps around the club for hours, doing anything I could to avoid the approach.

I couldn’t figure out how I’d get the girl into me. I couldn’t even figure out what the first words out of my mouth would be.

When the approach anxiety began to build and I’d wonder if getting a skill set was even worth it. I’d find any excuse to talk to my friends. Grab some water. Smoke a cigarette. And I didn’t even smoke. It’s just that any excuse was better than doing an approach. This would go on for hours, sometimes nights in a row, until my wings would just look at me and be like, “Mehow, What the #(*@ Are You Even Doing?”

Why didn’t I want to approach?

Because I knew that back then, the set would only open about 10% of the time. And, the pain of walking away from a group of girls, knowing that they were laughing about me behind my back was too much to bare.

That’s why in time I developed my “Super Consistent System” for opening, which I also reveal in the Get The Girl Manual.

It’s a system that allows you to…

Instantly Disable Her “Automatic Rejection Mechanism”

You see, I learned, over the course of thousands of approaches, to scrutinize every aspect of successful approaches and ask, “What is it that is making this work?”

And while other Pickup Artists treated opening sets like an art - subjective and intuitive…

I realized I had to turn the approach and opening phase into a science, a repeatable set of steps that, if executed, can be counted on to produce predictable positive reactions from women every time.

So, I systematized the first 30 seconds of my interactions, starting from the moment I spotted the woman… most important, made everything as easy as I could possibly make it so that in the heat of the battle…with my palms sweaty and my heart pounding…I could still remember how to deploy my opening strategy.

And this is exactly what happened.

Within just weeks of developing this opening sequence, opening became effortless, consistent and deadly effective.

Where I use to open and hook sets just 10% of the time before, now I was getting in there and having the girls loving me 80-90% of the time. Some nights my open rates were (and still are) a startling 100%.

NEVER Feel the Sting
of Rejection Again

Well, now it’s a reality.

Most of my wingmen had been gaming for years and were astonished at the results. For them, getting 1 or 2 sets in a night to open was a success.

So, I began teaching them my step-by-step formula for opening.

And once instructed, these guys, too, were able to dramatically boost their opening rates and breathe new life into their game.  All thanks to a system of proven success steps made easy to apply and use in the field.

And Now, in the Get The Girl Manual
You Are Going to Discover. . .

  • An opener so powerful that I cannot recall a single instance when it did not blow the set wide open and instantly turn all of the girls within a 3 foot radius of me into giddy little school girls.
  • The simple sequence that will let you open, with almost mathematical precision, 90-100% of your sets.
  • The simplest way to come up with powerful teases that cut through her bitch-shield like a hot knife through butter and turn off her “automatic rejection mechanism.” (so effective, you’ll find women pawing you like a piece of meat after literally just seconds)
  • How to control the first 30 seconds of every interaction and make it a repeatable process rather than a test of your wit. You’ll learn that opening, like music, really comes down to just a few simple notes. Master these and you can play an infinite variety of songs that are music to beautiful women’s ears.
  • The easiest way to see a 50-100% surge in your opening rate immediately.
  • And finally, The most effective way to  banish  approach anxiety, perhaps the #1 enemy of any man wanting to sleep with dozens of gorgeous women.

And of course, a whole lot more…but we need to keep moving because you’re going to love...

PureKino ™ Attraction Technology:
The Secret to 3 Minute Attraction

As you can see, I have tried throughout my pickup career to take what’s difficult about the game, break it down, and make it brain-dead simple.

Now, one of the most difficult challenges in pickup, perhaps the hardest, but also most rewarding, is actually getting solid attraction from your target once you’re locked into the set

In traditional seduction models, attraction is somewhat of a crap shoot and if it works at all, takes 10-15 minutes. That’s a lot of time to screw something up. So, normally when you approach, the odds are stacked against you. But, if you beat these odds, you can experience the seduction equivalent of hitting the lottery.

Attraction in 3 Minutes Flat

I have found a way to consistently get the girl you want (no matter how hot)… attracted to you in well under 3 minutes just about every time.

This astonishingly effective, easy-to-execute, and truly covert strategy is different from everything ever even mentioned before in the seduction community. Until this book, this strategy has never been revealed anywhere. I know because I developed it myself - and it’s currently pending a United States Patent. It’s called “PureKino™”.

As you’ll fully appreciate when I give you this strategy, you will want to preserve it - just as I do - for just the few of us who know about it. That’s the enormous competitive advantage this strategy bestows upon anyone who knows it.

I developed this secret strategy when I finally came to grips with the fact that I was too bald, old and ugly to use the traditional attraction techniques offered by “The Community”.

When you try this secret just once, you will be blown away by the difference it makes over anything else you’ve ever tried with women. Often after just 60 seconds or so, women paw you and clamor for your attention and affection.

What’s so beautiful about this little secret is that it is equally powerful and reliable, no matter what you look like, how old you are or what you’re wearing because it takes advantage of an incredibly sneaky covert law of seduction that’s as reliable as gravity.

This one secret alone will get you more success with women than everything else you’ve ever learned about meeting women - combined - and I guarantee you’ve never heard it from anyone else, no matter how many ebooks you’ve read or bootcamps you’ve attended.

With this one strategy:

  • You will disable her “random guy at club” defenses and ramp up her desire for you at warp speed, because you will create such white-hot attraction deep within her body in minutes.
  • You will raise your chances of sleeping with any woman at least tenfold. Of course, no woman is a 100% sure thing, but with this technique the odds are raised to the max and stacked in your favor.
  • Not only will you get her into you in just minutes… but, once you do, your girl will be on you all night.
  • You will generate intense attraction for you and you alone. In other words, once you use PureKino ™ , she will not be satisfied with the other guys in the club. And when her friends see this, they’ll approach you demanding that you seduce them in exactly the same way.  

I know you might be thinking that getting a girl attracted to you is tough work. This is simply NOT TRUE! Certainly, not if you use PureKino ™ as I describe. Do it this way and you will hold the magic key that unlocks attraction in every woman you meet.

Please understand, I’m not talking here about “DHV stories” popularized by my good friend Mystery or IVD’s popularized by Style and detailed in The Game. No, this goes beyond all that DHV stuff and is much more powerful.

It’s a seduction strategy so important - and so unknown - that if you follow it, it will literally change the way you interact with women for the rest of your life and make an enormous difference in your success with women. So powerful is this strategy that you must sign a written agreement, pledging never to publish or reprint it anywhere, as I’ll explain below.

“Compliance is King”

Speaking of generation attraction...

What's the easiest and surest way to get the girls you want into bed?

Commit these three words to memory: "Compliance is King"

The sharpest Pickup Artists I’ve ever sarged with… all know and practice this principle. If you’re not getting girls to chase and work for you, you should write it across your palm in sharpie: Compliance Is King.

These PUA’s know that you don’t get girls into your bed by merely generating attraction…not even by generating attraction and then “connecting” with deep rapport and comfort material.

No, you get the girl into bed by spiking attraction and building a connection, plus continuously gaining more and more compliance from the girl until she ends up in bed.

Let’s say that you ask a girl her name. She can either answer your question or she can snap back with another question like, “Why do you need to know?” or “I’m not telling you” or simply pretending not to here you.

If she answers your question, she’s just demonstrated a little bit of compliance.  And this happens moment by moment throughout your entire relationship with this woman until the requests get so big that she complies with sex.

So, what you need is an algorithm that tells you exactly what to do and say - second by second - that rewards her commitment and compliance in a way that gets her addicted complying with you, and doing what you want her to do, until…

...She’s Begging You

At first I found it almost impossible to see a clear-cut formula for structuring every conversation to systematically trigger compliance, desire and arousal in a woman all the way from “hello” to the bedroom. But, years in the field and necessity taught me how…using something that I now call “Chase Cycling”.

No matter what your age, income or looks, this gives you nothing less than a reliable, easy to use, utterly dependable formula for consistently saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. So, that the woman you are talking to, not only gets attracted to you, but actually works harder and harder to get you into bed.

In other words, this is a simple system that anyone can use, that takes your conversations (and entire interactions) with women out of the realm of unpredictable, inconsistent and elusive…and turns them into predictable, controllable, repeatable processes that results in “girl in bed” just about every time.

With chase cycling and it’s related components in your seduction arsenal you’ve got:

  • Step-by-step formulas for getting any woman to chase, work for, and value you. If you arrange your indicators of interest, indicators of disinterest and rewards in this way, you are almost guaranteed to have her yanking you into this bed. I’ve seen this formula work again and again for Pick Up Artists of every level; No matter how good they thought they were before they learned this, they immediately took their game to the next level with this one simple process.
  • A Never-fail way to keep her talking.
  • One of the most powerful questions you could ever ask her and how to steal this questions “magic” and infuse it into everything else you will ever read and how you can steal its magic for anything you write.
  • Reliable "template" stories where you just fill in the blanks and wind up with powerfully seductive communication, no matter what you do for a living, no matter what your lifestyle, no matter what your background…
  • An ingenious question that is a godsend for when you can’t think of anything to talk to her about or if you have no genuine interest in her, but still want to pull her into the sack for the night.

But, you know what’s even more impressive than all of that?

“The Marine Warfare Secret of Seduction”

If you’ve ever been out talking to a woman in a bar or a night club, I’ll bet you can relate to this…

You’ve met a girl and you two are hitting it off, everything looks like it’s a “go” and you start imagining the girl in your bed - but then it happens, one of her friends comes over and the two start laughing and chatting together. And suddenly… everything you worked so hard to create is gone. You put your hands in your pocket and walk away. You’ve been blown out. And it wasn’t even your fault.

Believe me, I know the feeling.

I’ve been in this situation more times than you could possibly imagine.

For the first few years that I was out in the field, things like this would throw me off my game all the time. Three or four hours of work on a girl - wasted - because her friend decided to come over and say hi. Or because a guy nearby decided he’d get in the way. Or maybe I made one misstep and couldn’t recover from it.

Truth is, that when you are out in the field meeting women, you quickly learn that…

Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

One of my old instructors, served in the Marines. And in the Marines it was understood that no mission is ever carried out exactly according to plan.

So, to be prepared for these changes, they developed “contingency plans.”

These are “what if “scenarios designed to handle the most common alternate outcomes. This is the secret of one of the most powerful tactical units in this world.

And in pickup, the same rules apply.    

In fact, it truly is the secret that will make it so, you…

Never Watch Your Girl Walk Away in
the Arms of Another Guy Again

After 6 years in the game, well over 5,000 approaches, training and supervising my own team of pickup coaches, along with hundreds of students. I have seen everything that can possibly go wrong as you deploy your game.

And surprisingly, there are not as many as you might think. After spending years narrowing the list down, and simplifying them for tactical ease, I have discovered that there are 7 interrupts and 5 contingencies you must be prepared to handle at all times.

In Get The Girl you learn what these interrupts and contingencies are, how to spot them, and how to deal with them as soon as they occur - usually with just one simple line that you have memorized.

And, when you know how to do this, nothing - and I do mean nothing can stop you from getting the girls you want.

Unlimited Choice with Women

If you approach with my super-consistent opening sequence, run 3-minute attraction with PureKino™, let chase cycling principles mold your interaction, and follow the Mehow Model of Seduction™, while planning for all contingencies… you can literally have any woman you want. And this, my friend unlocks a lifetime of…

It’s all just a matter of following the sequence I lay out for you in the Get The Girl.

How is this possible?

Well… if you’ve ever “cheated” and bought the strategy guide for a video game that shows you how to play every level, beat all the bosses, and find all of the hidden secrets…then you know that with the right information, any game can easily be beat.

And once you beat it the first time, you can just do it over and over and over again.

Well, that is what I am handing you.

A step-by-step blueprint for systematically beating the game, every single time you step into the night-club. How to walk into the club and walk out with a pretty little thing on your arm.

No hype. No bull. Just a proven system that works for every guy who has actually went out into the field and put it to work.

But, there’s still more…a lot more… to my “Ethical Bribe”, so keep reading

Bonus #1:
Microloop Theory: Effortless Escalation and the Secret
to Get Any Girl to Do What You Want…100% of the Time…

Within this manuscript lie the secret to effortless escalation and the key to having women do whatever you want. An understanding of Microloop Theory allows you to tongue down women in just seconds and have them panties-down in the bathroom stall in just minutes. Seriously. This is VERY powerful stuff and not included in the general Get The Girl manual because it is dangerous in the wrong hands. I am giving you access to it, but not only must you promise not to reveal its contents; you must also use it only for good. This is the key to getting women to do whatever you want. And it’s yours in just a few minutes.

But that’s not all, because you’re also to get…

Bonus #2: 
Special Report: The 7 Jealously Guarded
Secrets To Beating Approach Anxiety

Even the most experienced Pickup Artists get “approach anxiety”. The difference is that they know the insider secrets to quickly obliterating the fear so that they can deploy their game and take home an unsuspecting female. In this never before released bonus manual I will share with you the inner-circle secrets of destroying your approach anxiety so that you can approach easily and effortlessly and achieve the success with women that you’ve always desired. You simply cannot put a price on the information contained in this manual. And this too is free when you get started with this special offer…

So, Here’s What You’re Getting

Mehow's Get The Girl! Collector's set, includes the Get The Girl! manual, in a Limited Edition print version which is beautifully printed in FULL color, cover to cover!

This Limited Edition printed version, is not available in stores or on any other web site... and was part of a print run of just 1000 manuals.

Meaning: You can only get it here, and only while supplies last.

And there's more...

Included in this Get The Girl! Collector's set you will also receive the digital Audio version of the Get The Girl! manual, read by Mehow in a professional recording studio.

This 8 Chapter Audio MP3 set allows you to discover ALL of Mehow's GTG tactics, methods and techniques just by listening!

Plus, when you combine the GTG manual and the digital Audio MP3s your understanding of the GTG methods will skyrocket... as you will hear each step, presented in the exact tone of voice, and with each perfectly placed pause... in precisely the way Mehow recommends. It's just like being in a real boot camp.

This will allow you to effortlessly, and rapidly master all of Mehow's breakthrough Get The Girl! techniques... and perfect your own skills and get lightening fast results!

But that's not all!

This Special Collector's Set Includes:

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